For over 40 years, Vinuchi ties and scraves have claimed their own special niche in the market place, owing to the unparralleled quality, innovativeness and flair that the label evokes, it personifies style, quality and superb value. A Vinuchi tie or scarf is a highly sought after item, so if you are looking for a school tie, corporate or sports tie, there is simply nothing like it.

Using the very finest cloths available in either a printed or woven finish, every tie and scarf is custom designed to suit your requirements.

All you need to do is email us your design requirements and quantity required and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you wish to order a current tie, please scan in the tie and email it with your requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note Vinuchi is a certified BBBEEE level 4 supplier adding even more value to your bottom line!

School ties

  • School ties are available in print or weave, with or without your school crest or logo.
  • Available in plain, stripes or all over design.

We offer from the general school tie to specialist ties eg: Matric or prefects ties.

Corporate ties and scarves

Every corporate tie and scarf is bespoke designed by our professional designers, according to our clients needs and manufactured using the finest fabrics, available in print or weave.

Vinuchi has transformed the corporate tie and scarf from simply a uniform item into a “brand Statement” and the traditional school tie from a “must wear” to a “proud to wear” uniform item

Vinuchi neckwear has claimed its own special niche in the market place owing to the unparalleled quality, innovativeness and flair that the label evokes. Always in the forefront of fashion in graphics and colour trends, Vinuchi’s taste ensures the optimum standard.

We also offer a range of corporate accessories to compliment your tie or scarf such as cufflinks, pins, tie clips, scarf rings and belts.

Sports/club ties

Leave it to our experienced design team to design you a memorable sports or club tie.


Polyester ties
  Type Minimum Quantities (units)
  Printed ties 50
  Printed scarves 50
  Woven ties 100


NB- Silk ties available, pricing and minimums on request.
Delivery times

  • Printed polyester ties and scarves- 4-6 weeks from approval of pre-production sample
  • Woven polyester ties- 10-12 weeks from approval of pre-production sample
Please note that we do work stringently to delivery lead times, however, if you do have an urgent requirement, please advise and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.